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A Few Answers to Our FAQs

Plumbing FAQsWhen it comes to plumbing emergencies in Libertyville, there's a few questions we get very commonly. Here are some tips for dealing with these plumbing emergencies, and some answers to other questions we frequently get.

Q: My water heater is leaking. How do I shut the water off to it?
A: Turn off the valve on the cold water line above the heater. If it's a round knob, turn it several times to the right until it stops. If it's a lever handle, turn it 1/4 turn until it stops. Turn off the gas supply feeding the water heater. This is located on the black (gas) line. If you have trouble with the valve you could turn the knob on the gas thermostat from the on position past pilot to off. If your water heater is electric, turn off the power at the circuit panel.

Typically this all you have to do to secure the unit and prevent any further damage until the plumber arrives.

When you do call for a water heater replacement it's a good idea to have the make/model and serial numbers with U.S gallons ready to provide us. Those numbers will be able to give us everything we need to know.

Q: My disposal has stopped running. What do I do?
A: If your disposal stops grinding, here are a few tips that could prevent a service call:
A.) Unit hums but won't grind: turn off the electric switch to the disposal. Find your Allen wrench/key provided with your disposal. Insert this into the hole located in the center of the bottom of the disposal, turn the key left then right to free it up. Remove the key, push the reset button and try the disposal again.
B.) If the unit doesn't make any noise, turn off the switch and feel under the disposal for the reset button which could pop on overload. Just push it in and try the disposal again.

*You may also refer to your owner's manual for step by step picture instructions.

Q: How do I shut off the water to the house?
A: Find the water meter located inside the house, if you have a basement it's typically located in the front of the house. If you are on a crawl space, slab or condo it should be by your water heater or in a mechanical room. Once you located the meter there are valves before and after, we recommend you shut off the valve after the meter but either one will do. If it's a round handle turn it to the right several complete turns until it stops. If it's a lever handle turn it 1/4turn until it stops.

If you are on a well system, shut off the valve after the well tank and turn off the electric power at the circuit panel.

Q: My water bill is suddenly high. What could cause this?
A: Usually a running toilet will cause your bill to spike, and therefore you will want to repair as soon as possible.\

For any other questions about plumbing or our services, please contact us today!

A Quick Look at Our Commercial Plumbing Services

With over 19 years of experience in the plumbing industry, our team of plumbers know how to handle a wide range of issues. We have worked on all types of plumbing equipment and systems. Whether you need emergency service or regular maintenance work, our plumbing professionals are ready to help. We understand that keeping your property clean and beautiful is a major priority for you. For this reason, we aim to offer effective plumbing services, guaranteeing that your business runs smoothly at all times.

Be sure to call on Arrow Plumbing, Inc. for the following services:

  • Gas Line Repairs
  • New Fixture Installations
  • Frozen Pipe Work
  • Sewer Rodding & Backflow Testing
  • General Plumbing Maintenance

Make sure your commercial plumbing system is running as efficiently as possible by calling on our certified technicians today. If you would like to schedule service, contact us at (847) 327-0383.

Avoiding Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are among the most common plumbing problems in Libertyville. Fortunately, you can prevent a drain clog from becoming a plumbing emergency simply by using a plunger. When your sink or shower drain starts to clog, fill the basin with one inch of water to create a seal for the plunger, and use the plunger to break up the clog. Never pour oil and grease down the drain, as this can create a clog. We recommend running hot water through the drain each week to avoid drain clogs. Watch the video for more tips on avoiding drain clogs.

For quality plumbing services, contact Arrow Plumbing Inc. Our plumbers can unclog drains, fix broken pipes, and repair your sump pump as well. Don’t let your clogged drain turn into basement flooding—call us right away at (847) 984-3258 to schedule a visit.

What Are Some Factors to Consider When Hiring a Plumbing Company?

Hiring a plumber libertyvilleChoosing the best plumber is your most vital step for receiving optimal service. Making a hasty or uninformed choice might prove unnecessarily expensive, or you may receive subpar service from a less qualified plumber. In order to ensure that you are best served, there are a number of factors to consider when hiring a plumbing company in Libertyville:

Valid Licensing

Though most states require plumbers to be licensed, it is still important to confirm the license of the plumbing company you are considering. A trustworthy plumber will always be licensed, regardless of state requirements. It is best to avoid those who are not.


There are three classifications that indicate a plumber’s training: an apprentice is a novice who accompanies experienced plumbers for hands-on training; journeymen, who are licensed but whose services may be limited; and master plumbers, who are the most experienced and maintain an ongoing education to ensure that they are proficient in all areas of the trade. The best companies assign the right plumbers for the job, but it’s a good idea to ask what training your prospective plumber has completed.

Open Communication

Any reputable plumbing company will communicate openly with its clients to ensure that they can provide the necessary services at the agreed time and with a clearly explained price rate. Before deciding on a plumber, you should always request estimates on both pricing and completion time. An exceptional plumber will have numerous references that testify to their exemplary work.


Lastly, you should make sure that your potential plumber is insured. Never deal with an uninsured plumber, no matter how appealing their rates may initially appear. Hiring an uninsured plumber will leave you responsible for any damages they might incur.

Whether your home has broken pipes or you need a simple garbage disposal repair, Arrow Plumbing Inc. guarantees exceptional service from our licensed and insured plumbers. Call us today at (847) 984-3258 for inquiries, estimates, and service scheduling.

Preventing Plumbing Problems at Home

Plumbing emergencies in Libertyville can be swiftly dealt with by qualified plumbers, but there are a number of preventative measures you can take to help avoid common plumbing problems.

This video explains why it is crucial for you to become familiar with your water shutoff valve. Broken pipes can leak very quickly. Knowing the location of your shutoff valve allows you to cease water flow to your home until a plumber arrives. Your water line can be found near the foundation of your home, and you should always make sure its valve is functional. Keep the area around your shutoff valve accessible. Clutter will only make the valve more difficult to reach when you must stop your water.

If you have any plumbing questions or would like to schedule an appointment, our experts at Arrow Plumbing Inc. will be glad to assist you. Please call us today at (847) 984-3258.

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