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    Preventing Flushing and Bubbling Problems in a Toilet

    Last updated 6 days ago

    As long as you take care to flush only soft, biodegradable toilet paper and wastewater down your toilet, you should not have to deal with many toilet problems. A sign of a problem you may encounter that is not related to maintenance and care is bubbling that occurs when you try to flush. To learn more about this problem, likely causes, and potential solutions, check out this educational clip.

    In the video, construction professional Nicholas Iarocci describes how venting problems occur when there is not air in the flushing system, a problem that is often linked to nesting by birds and squirrels. One way to determine whether or not you should contact a plumber is to fill a bucket with water and pour a few gallons down the toilet. If this does not cause your toilet to flush, then you should contact a plumbing professional. For service from a dedicated, experienced plumber in Libertyville, call Arrow Plumbing, Inc. at (847) 393-4646.

    Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

    Last updated 11 days ago

    A sump pump in proper working condition can spare a homeowner the hassles and expense associated with home flooding and water damage. A sump pump that is not up to snuff can provide that same homeowner with a false sense of security that can quickly unravel with the arrival of a rainstorm. To avoid the latter scenario and ensure that your sump pump is always ready when needed, take the following sump pump maintenance tips to heart.

    Secure Sump Pump’s Power Source Access
    Every time you descend your basement stairs, check to make sure that your sump pump is plugged into an outlet and that its cord appears to be in good condition and out of the way of any moist surfaces. If anything looks out of the ordinary or it has been awhile since you tested your sump pump’s condition, pour water into the sump pit and see if the pump kicks into gear. To ensure that your sump pump can work even when the power is out, install a backup battery.

    Keep Sump Pump Upright
    Another thing to do every time you enter your basement is check to see that the sump pump is upright. It is also a good idea to do this during and following storms. A sump pump can be knocked down due to vibrations during use, and propping it back upright increases the likelihood that it will activate next time it is needed.

    Clear Vent Hole
    After major storms and periodically during the rainy season, check the vent hole in the discharge pipe to ensure that it is clear. If it is not, then clear it out. If you have a submersible sump pump, you should also clean out the grate on the bottom of the pump. While you are at it, check that the outlet pipes are tightly joined and extend well away from your home’s foundation.

    If you perform these maintenance checks and your sump pump still does not seem to be working properly, seek assistance from a plumbing professional. Serving Libertyville and the surrounding areas, Arrow Plumbing, Inc. offers high-quality sump pump installation, repair, and maintenance services. If you would like to have a backup battery installed in your sump pump or require any other plumbing services, call us at (847) 393-4646.

    What's Causing Your Water Heater to Trip a Circuit Breaker?

    Last updated 21 days ago

    If your water heater regularly trips a circuit breaker, it’s probably because of a shortened wire, or a bad thermostat or heating element inside the water heater. To determine which one of these problems is the cause, you will need to cut power to the water heater and test the thermostat and heating elements. Watch the video clip to learn how to find out what’s causing your water heater to trip a circuit breaker.

    Arrow Plumbing, Inc. has years of experience providing residential and commercial plumbing services to Libertyville and surrounding areas. Call us at (847) 393-4646 or check out our website to learn about the water heater repair and maintenance services we provide. 

    Understanding How Heat Pump Water Heaters Work

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Heat pump water heaters can condition your air as well as heat your water. How they do this, however, is a mystery to most people who are not plumbers. Read on to gain some understanding in how heat pump water heaters work.

    Heat pump water heaters are very efficient because they move heat from place to place rather than create it. These appliances heat a tank of water using heat from the air using similar mechanics to a refrigerator. When the heat pump water heater pulls heat from the air, it adds even more heat before depositing it into the tank, where it heats the water. This provides much greater efficiency than a conventional electric resistance water heater.

    Heat pump water heaters need to be installed in certain conditions in order to operate effectively. First, you will need to find an area that consistently stays between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also need an area that has at least 1,000 cubic feet of air space in addition to the heater. Be sure to keep them out of cool spaces because they will likely cool the area where they are installed, and they cannot operate appropriately when the temperature is too low. A good location for your heat pump water heater would be a furnace room.

    Certain types of heat pump water heaters change the way they function based on the time of year. When you use a geothermal heat pump and desuperheater, heat will be drawn from different areas depending on the season. Heat will be taken from the ground during the winter months of the year and from the air inside your home during the summer. The heated water is then moved to your storage water heater tank.

    If you are not a plumber and would therefore like to learn more about how heat pump water heaters work, talk to the plumbing professionals at Arrow Plumbing, Inc. We provide the Libertyville area with a variety of residential and commercial plumbing services. For more information about our plumbing business, please feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (847) 393-4646.

    Fixing Drain Cleanout Plumbing Problems

    Last updated 1 month ago

    If you are experiencing drain cleanout plumbing problems, you are not alone. Fortunately there are several methods you can use to prevent and combat these problems. Watch this video for tips on fixing drain cleanout plumbing problems.

    Unfortunately, drain cleanouts tend to make nice habitats for rodents and other small animals. You may find possums, raccoons, or birds making nests or other obstructions in your pipe. This can cause the smell of sewage to leak into your house as well as cause your toilets to malfunction. You can prevent this from occurring by covering the pipe with a wire mesh in order to keep animals out. You can also use a snake to clear out any obstructions.

    For more information about how to fix drain cleanout plumbing problems, contact Arrow Plumbing, Inc. or visit our website. We are proud to provide the Libertyville area with a variety of plumbing services. If you would like to know more about us, please call (847) 393-4646.

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