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Understanding How Your Garbage Disposal Works

The holiday season is right around the corner, and now is a good time to make sure that your plumbing system is ready to handle all of your seasonal gatherings. When you are cleaning up after a holiday party, chances are that you will use your garbage disposal to eliminate food scraps from your sink. To help you prevent plumbing problems, here is a closer look at how your garbage disposal works.

Centrifugal Force

One of the primary principles behind your kitchen garbage disposal is the use of centrifugal force. Rather than chopping up food like a blender, your kitchen garbage disposer relies on centrifugal force to send particles of food through a grinding system. As the food is spun through a series of impellers or lugs, it is ground into a much smaller size. Ultimately, this grinding action allows food scraps to travel safely down the drain.

Running Water

Another key element behind the function of your garbage disposal is running water. In order to help your garbage disposal process food scraps effectively, you will need to send cold running water down the drain whenever your garbage disposal is turned on. The force of the running water will help flush food scraps through the system.

Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is key for helping your garbage disposal remain in proper working condition. For example, you should avoid sending starchy, greasy, or other unapproved items down your kitchen garbage disposal. By keeping clogging elements out of your kitchen drain, you can prevent a plumbing emergency in your home.

For help maintaining your kitchen garbage disposal, be sure to contact Arrow Plumbing. Our team of master plumbers near Libertyville, IL will be happy to assist you with all of your plumbing maintenance and repairs this holiday season, and we can help you get your garbage disposal up and running. To set up a plumbing service appointment for your home, call us at (847) 984-3258.

Common Holiday Plumbing Problems

The holiday season can create serious plumbing problems in your home. When you are preparing your house for your next holiday party, you may want to schedule plumbing services. Your garbage disposal is among the plumbing devices that will experience additional use during the holidays. By avoiding sending grease or other clogging substances down your disposal, you can help keep your plumbing in great shape. For a closer look at common holiday plumbing problems, watch this helpful video.

At Arrow Plumbing, our plumbers near Libertyville, IL will be happy to assist you with all of your holiday plumbing repair needs. From toilet repair to garbage disposal maintenance and more, we offer a full range of services that will fix all of your plumbing problems. Call us at (847) 984-3258 to hear more about the plumbing repairs that we have to offer your home.

What Are the Common Causes of Clogged Drains?

Clogged drains are among the most common plumbing problems that are experienced by homeowners and commercial property managers alike. When you experience a clogged drain in your home, you should be sure to contact a plumber. With the help of an experienced plumbing company, you will be able to tackle your drain clog at the source. Read on for an investigation of the most common causes of clogged drains.

Bathroom Drain Clogs

Bathroom drain clogs are caused by many of the common items and substances that you may wash down the drain. For example, loose hair can become trapped in your bathroom drain, creating a serious stoppage. Other common causes of bathroom drain clogs include soap scum and dirt. To prevent these types of clogs, you should be sure to always use a drain cover.

Toilet Drain Clogs

A clogged toilet can put a halt to your daily routine. In the event that your toilet becomes clogged, you may be faced with a serious plumbing emergency. Oftentimes, toilet clogs can be caused when non-dissolvable items are flushed down the drain. If you are the parent of young children, you should instruct your children on the dos and don’ts of proper toilet use.

Kitchen Drain Clogs

Kitchen drain clogs can strike at the most inconvenient moments. Some of the most common causes of kitchen drain clogs include cooking oils, fats, and grease. When oils are poured down the drain, they can quickly harden and create a significant clog. By watching what goes down the drain as you are cleaning up, you can help avoid a plumbing emergency.

When you are in need of plumbing repair in Libertyville, IL, do not hesitate to book your services with Arrow Plumbing. As a leading plumbing company in the Libertyville area, we are fully qualified to help you handle all types of plumbing problems. Give us a call at (847) 984-3258 to schedule a plumbing service appointment for your home or building today.

Drain Care 101

Taking care of the drains in your home and, more specifically, being mindful of what you put down them is the easiest way to avoid issues with your plumbing system. Every time you put food scraps, oils, or something else into your drain, your entire system is affected by it and needs to work harder to remove it. This can unfortunately lead to the need for plumbing repair.

In order to properly care for your drains, cover each of them with a sieve or a strainer designed to capture small food particles and other debris. Avoid dumping any oils or grease down your drain and, instead, dump them into a can before disposing of them in the regular trash. You should also clean your drains by running your hot water regularly and by using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clear your drains completely. This will reduce the chances of you needing plumbing repair.

Arrow Plumbing Inc., a company that has been helping homeowners and businesses with plumbing issues for 20 years now, provides solutions for drain problems, broken pipes, and more. You can call (847) 984-3258 to schedule an appointment with a plumber serving Libertyville, IL.

A Look at Some Garbage Disposal Maintenance Mistakes

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, then you know how helpful it can be on a regular basis. But in order to keep your garbage disposal working properly and avoid a plumbing emergency, you should maintain it properly and be careful about what you are putting into it. One wrong move and you could require garbage disposal repair. Here are a few common mistakes that people make with their garbage disposals.

Pouring Oils or Grease Down the Drain

Generally speaking, it’s never a good idea to pour oils or grease down any drain, and it can be particularly harmful when it comes to garbage disposals. Oils and grease can harden inside of your disposal and clog your entire unit. Furthermore, they can make your garbage disposal smell. You will likely need frequent garbage disposal repair if you dump oils and grease down your drain often.

Stuffing Too Many Vegetables or Fruits into the Disposal

While your garbage disposal is equipped to handle most vegetables and fruits, there are some that could cause problems. For example, potatoes and carrots might be too hard for your disposal to grind up. Vegetables and fruits with a lot of fiber in them, like celery, have also been known to clog up drains and cause a plumbing emergency.

Using Hot Water Instead of Cold Water While Disposing Foods

When you are cleaning something, your natural inclination is to use hot water to do it. When using a garbage disposal, you should not do this. Hot water can melt some foods and make it difficult for your disposal to grind them up. Cold water will harden them before they pass through the disposal and make it easier for it to do its job.

Arrow Plumbing Inc. can handle any plumbing emergency that you might have, including one with your garbage disposal near Libertyville, IL. Before you try to tackle a job yourself, you should call (847) 984-3258 to have a plumber come to your home to deal with your plumbing problem.

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