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Prevention is Key: Winterizing Your Home to Prevent Frozen Pipes

As the mercury drops in the Libertyville area, it’s important that you check your home’s plumbing to ensure that your pipes are adequately protected from the chilly temperature. Knowing how to prepare your plumbing for the cold weather and potential plumbing emergencies can save you a lot of trouble and money over the next few months.

This video discusses some of the different ways you can prepare for potential plumbing issues at your home. You’ll also learn a few quick tips to minimize the risk of frozen plumbing.

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Tips for Dealing with Frozen Pipes and Other Winter Home Hazards

Now that winter is in full swing, making sure that your home’s plumbing is properly protected from freezing is very important. Frozen pipes can be a huge hassle and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. Here are some tips for common frozen pipes around the home.

Frosty Pipe

Indoor Plumbing

The most important plumbing areas to protect in your home are your interior water and sewer lines. These components of your plumbing system are typically sealed behind walls, but a portion of them may be exposed in your crawlspace, basement, or garage. To prevent these pipes from freezing, insulate them using pipe wrap or insulating tape. If they have already frozen, you may try heating your plumbing to thaw the ice. If that doesn’t work, call your local Libertyville plumber for help getting your plumbing working again.

Sump and Humidifier Discharge Lines

Your humidifier and sump pump are absolutely essential to keeping your home comfortable and healthy at all times of the year. Because both of these appliances typically discharge water outdoors, their discharge lines can easily freeze over when temperatures start to drop. Talk to a Libertyville area plumber about having the drainage line redirected to an indoor drain to prevent freezing.

Outdoor Plumbing

Finally, preventing freezing in outdoor plumbing is also very important. One of the most common areas for outdoor freezing is the hose bib. You can prevent your hose bib from freezing by removing hoses and other fixtures from the spigot and draining the plumbing that distributes water to it. For outdoor water fixtures such as fountains, irrigation systems, and ponds, make sure that they are drained well before the winter to prevent cracking or other types of damage.

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Top Reasons for Plumbing-Related House Calls

While many home repairs can be done by the homeowner, plumbing problems should always be left to expert plumbers. That’s because home plumbing is often more complicated than it seems, and seemingly simple repairs may require specialized tools and skills. When plumbing problems arise, make sure you contact a Libertyville area plumber right away. Here are three examples of common issues better left to a plumbing professional.

Plumber Pipe and Adjustable Wrenches on Water Heater Gas Line

1.      Hot Water Heater Repairs

As the temperature begins to drop, caring for your home’s hot water heater becomes even more important. Because hot water heaters are sensitive pieces of plumbing equipment, repairs and maintenance on your water heater should always be left to a plumbing professional. Even the slightest mistakes can lead to tank explosions, gas leaks, and even scalding.

2.      Leak Repairs

While wrapping some plumber’s tape around a leak is advisable, this is by no means a permanent repair. Plumbers have the tools and know-how to create permanent repair by either sealing or replacing the damaged plumbing. This can save you tons of money on future water damage and extensive plumbing repairs.

3.      Drain Clogs

Aside from the occasional clogged toilet, other clog clearing should be left to plumbing professionals as well. There can be many different causes of plumbing clogs, including grease, oil, foreign objects lodged in drains, and even tree roots. Resorting to harsh chemicals is not always the best option for the environment or your plumbing, so call a plumber if plunging isn’t working out very well.

For the very best plumbing repair services in Libertyville, contact the experts at Arrow Plumbing, Inc. We provide high-quality plumbing repair and maintenance services throughout the Libertyville area for commercial and residential properties. Visit us online or call (847) 549-9600 to learn more about our services.

Signs Your Home May Have a Hidden Water Leak

The occasional plumbing leak is to be expected from time to time. But the leaks you can see are typically contained and repaired much quicker than hidden plumbing leaks throughout your home, which can persist for much longer and cause much more damage. Here are four signs of a hidden water leak in your home.

Water Damage

1.      Sagging Drywall

When drywall becomes saturated with water, it becomes soft to the touch and may even start to sag or bloat. If you notice drywall in your home that is starting to become deformed, there is probably a leak in the plumbing behind that wall that should be repaired immediately.

2.      Discoloration

Water from leaks may travel a long way from its original source before becoming visible in the home. As it travels, it picks up dirt and sediment hidden in the walls of your home. When it finds an exit point through a crack or drywall, the collected dirt leaves a stain. Water marks on your walls or ceilings are a definite sign of a plumbing leak.

3.      Mold Growth

Mold tends to grow in dark, damp areas, so hidden leaks are often the site of substantial mold growth as well. While you may be able to see mold growth near damaged plumbing, you may also notice a change in your household’s health. Mold is known to cause respiratory illnesses, inflame allergies, and even cause skin and eye irritation.

4.      Rising Water Costs

You’ll know you have a leak in your home if your water bills continue to rise for no reason. A great way to confirm this is to turn off all water-using appliances in the home and check your water meter’s leak indicator. If the indicator is moving, then water is moving somewhere into your home.

For quick, professional plumbing repair and leak detection services, Contact the experts at Arrow Plumbing, Inc. We provide professional residential and commercial plumbing services throughout the Libertyville area. Call (847) 549-9600 today.

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